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Item 01 Min 10-26-20.pdfItem 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Bills.pdfItem 06 Treasurer report.pdfItem 07 Pay bill PCT 2 with out PO.pdfItem 08 Bill PCT 4 without PO.pdfItem 09 Bill for P & Z no PO.pdfItem 10 Bill for Elections no PO.pdfItem 11 Bill for NCSO no PO.pdfItem 14 Update for Extension Admin.pdfItem 16 Xerox Lease Agreement JP's.pdfItem 17 Approve Oneok Permian NGL Co to cross SW CR 2305 Pct. 3.pdfItem 18 App Pct 1 John Deere 6110M Tractor with Mid-Mount Boom mower.pdfItem 19 Declaring Jail Kitchen appliances as surplus.pdfItem 20 Approve Central Counting Station Tabulation Supervisor James Thompson.pdfItem 22 Resolution on Indigent Defense Grant Program for 2021.pdfItem 23 App Limited Service Agreement with PHI Cares memberships.pdfItem 24 App Infectious Disease Control Policy.pdfItem 25 App revised Weather Closisngs & Emergencies Policy.pdfItem 26 App revised CDL & Alcohol Policy.pdfItem 27 App Covid-19 return to ork Guidelines.pdf