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Item 05 Bills.pdfItem 06 Treasurer Report.pdfItem 07 Pay bill Pct 1 no PO.pdfItem 08 Pay bill Pct 2 no PO.pdfItem 09 Pay Bill Pct 3 no PO.pdfItem 10 Pay bill Election no PO.pdfItem 15 Re appointment ESD1 Gail Smith and Jeffry Stapleton.pdfItem 16 Contract Navarro Cities and schools for elections May 2021.pdfItem 17 Tax Report November 2020.pdfItem 18 Payment in lieu of taxes City of Kerens.pdfItem 19 Final plat for France Addition Phase II for Ratchnee France.pdfItem 20 Replat of Richland Land Co. for Francisco Alexander Cruz.pdfItem 22 Maintenance contract Otis Jail elevator.pdfItem 23 HIDTA.pdfItem 24 HIDTA Steve Toth.pdfItem 25 HIDTA Dan Cauble.pdfItem 26 HIDTA Michael Hoskins.pdfItem 27 HIDTA Raymond Brown.pdfItem 28 HIDTA MVM.pdfItem 29 Equalis Group Purchasing Agreement.pdf