Attached Documents
Item 05 Bills.pdfItem 08 Approve to pay bills for PCT 2 without PO.pdfItem 09 Approve to pay bills for PCT 4 without PO.pdfItem 10 Approve to pay bills for Elections without PO.pdfItem 12 Approve Recovery Court Program.pdfItem 13 Approve Fireworks for Memorial Day.pdfItem 14 Approve Xerox Leasing Agreement for County Clerk.pdfItem 15 Approve NCSO declaring portable radios as surplus.pdfItem 16 Approve transferring NCSO surplused portable radios to Emergency Management.pdfItem 17 Approve Tax Collection Report for April.pdfItem 18 Approve Canvassing the Votes from the US Congressional District 6 Special Election May 1, 2021.pdfItem 19 Approve Depositery Bid Contract Prosperity Bank.pdfItem 20 Approve TAC Risk Management Pool, Law Enforcement Liability Insurance renewal application.pdfItem 21 Approve Modification 1 Grant G21NT0001A for Texoma HIDTA application.pdfItem 22 Approve Atmos Energy To Cross SW CR 0025, SW CR 0020, SW CR 0050, & SW CR 0080 Pct 3.pdfItem 23 Approve Reappointment of Martha Shaner to the Lakes Regional Community Center.pdf