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Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve & Pay bills.pdfItem 06 Approve paying bills for Pct. 3 without PO.pdfItem 07 Approve paying bills for NCSO without PO.pdfItem 08 Approve paying bills for Courthouse without PO.pdfItem 09 Approve paying bills for District Clerk without PO.pdfItem 10 Approve paying bills for DA without PO.pdfItem 11 Approve paying Cellular Phone Allowance Authorization for Constable Pct. 2.pdfItem 14 Approve Resolution for Tax Abatement Guidelines.pdfItem 15 Notice of Pulbic Hearing for Reinvestment Zone.pdfItem 16 Approve Order Designate Reinvestment Zone.pdfItem 18 Approve Interlocal City for Library and Animal Shelter Services.pdfItem 19 Approve Resolution between City for Library and Animal Shelter Services.pdfItem 20 Approve Agreement for Chatfield Water to cross NE CR 3120.pdfItem 21 Approve Proclamation Childcare Professionals Appreciation Week.pdfItem 22 Approve Tax Report by Mike Dowd.pdfItem 24 Public Notice.pdfItem 25 Approve Order Adopting Redistricting Plan.pdf