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Item 05 Approve and pay bills.pdfItem 06 Approve Treassurer for February 2022.pdfItem 08 Approve Oath of Office Ted Snyder ESD1.pdfItem 09 Approve accepting payment in lieu of taxes City of Kerens Housing Authority.pdfItem 10 Approve Resloution sale of Real Property by the City of Corsicana Block 44 Lot 10.pdfItem 11 Approve Racial Profiling Report for 2021 Constable Pct 1 Mike Davis.pdfItem 12 Approve Racial Profiling Report for 2021 Constable Pct 2 Dan WIlliams.pdfItem 13 Approve Racial Profiling Report for 2021 Constable Pct 3 Bobby Rachel.pdfItem 14 Approve Racial Profiling Report for 2021 Constable Pct 4 Kipp Thomas.pdfItem 15 Approve Ratifying Judge Davenport's Opioid Abatement Fund Settlement Allocation Term Sheet.pdfItem 16 Approve final replat for Lago Visa Ranch lots 11-R & 12R for Dan Thompson and Janet Cox.pdfItem 17 Approve final plat of the Pioneers Edge subdivision for Omar Gonzales.pdfItem 18 Approve final plat of Wolf Ranch 2 subdivision for Roy Veldman.pdfItem 19 Approve Westlaw Contract Thomason Reuters for District Clerk Law Library.pdfItem 20 Approve Lease purchase for two motor graders for Pct. 1 from RDO.pdfItem 21 Approve Resolution and Order betweern Limestone Wind and Navarro County for a Road Use Agreement Pct 3 and 4.pdfItem 22 Approve Chatfield Water Supply to cross SE CR 3310 Pct 2.pdfItem 24 Approve purchase of a 2021 John Deere 310SL Backhoe for Pct 4 from RDO.pdfItem 25 Approve declaring a 1993 John Deere 455G Track Loader as salvage for Pct 4.pdfItem 26 Approve pay bills for Jail without PO.pdfItem 27 Approve pay bills for NCSO without PO.pdfItem 28 Approve pay bills for DA without PO.pdfItem 29 Approve pay bills for PIct 1 without PO.pdfItem 30 Approve OWL Labs Quote Q-04190 for Owl Pro.pdfItem 31 Approve a 15 rate increase as of March 15, 2022 for Havoc Transporation Demolition LLC for hauling in Pct 1 and Pct 4.pdf