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Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve and pay bills.pdfItem 06 Approve Planning and Zoning Minutes.pdfItem 14 Approve celllular phone allowance for Christina Cox.pdfItem 16 Approve Tax report for February 2022 Mike Dowd.pdfItem 17 Approve Resolution for Tax Abatement with Tremco CPG Manufacturing Corp.pdfItem 18 Approve Resolution Tax Abatement with SI Corsicana QOZB 8 LLC.pdfItem 19 Approve Resolution Tax Abatement with Building Materials Manufacturing Corporation.pdfItem 20 Approve Specific Use Permit for Rodney and Valeria Skitt.pdfItem 21 Approve final replat of George Estates Lots 14 15 for Angel Carmona and Virgina Maya.pdfItem 25 Approve Continuing Education hours for James Olsen.pdfItem 28 Approve Xerox Purchase Agreement for District Court Reporter.pdfItem 29 Approve to payt bills for PCT 1 Road and Bridge without PO.pdfItem 30 Approve to pay bills for Ag Extension without PO.pdfItem 31 Approve to pay bills for Jail without PO.pdfItem 37 Griffin Roughton.pdf