Attached Documents
Item 05 Approve and pay bills.pdfItem 06 Approve unclaimed property capital credits for counties.pdfItem 08 Approve P and Z minutes from April 2022.pdfItem 17 Approve cellular phone allowance for Casey Gaston.pdfItem 19 Approve Grievance committee 2022.pdfItem 22 Approve Bond for Cabano.pdfItem 24 Approve re appointing the Navarro County Child Walfare Board members.pdfItem 25 Approve authorizing NCSO to go out for bids to replace HVAV in Jail.pdfItem 31 Approve 2009 Dodge Truck as salvage for Pct 2.pdfItem 32 Approve Chatfield Water Supply to cross SE CR 3220 Pct 2.pdfItem 33 Approve Utility Easement for Zayo on SE CR 0120 Pct 2.pdfItem 34 Approve Community Water Company to Cross SW CR 3010 in Pct. 4.pdfItem 35 Approve Utility Easement for Community Water on SW CR 3010 Pct 4.pdfItem 36 Approve service contract with Metro Repo Inc for County Clerk.pdfItem 37 Approve moving expenses and shelving for Annex 3 storage for County Clerk.pdfItem 38 Approve moving expenses for Annex 3 storage for District Clerk.pdfItem 41 Approve agreement Unite Private Networks for HIDTA.pdfItem 42 Approve agreement Calltower and HIDTA.pdfItem 43 Approve purchase order for HIDTA.pdfItem 44 Approve Group Health Plan.pdfItem 46 Approve to pay bills without PO for Pct 1.pdfItem 47 Approve to pay bills without PO for Pct 3.pdfItem 48 Approve to pay bills without for Emergency Management.pdfItem 49 Approve to pay bills without for DA.pdfItem 50 Approve to pay bills without for Elections.pdf