Attached Documents
To wit item 05 Approve and Pay Bills.pdfTo wit item 06 Approve Treasurer Report June 2022.pdfTo wit item 08 To aprove to amend the County Pace Report.pdfTo wit item 09 Approve new Pace Administration contract with Texas Pace Authority for an additional firve years.pdfTo wit item 12 Approve final replat of Ambar Estates for Landco Investments Inc..pdfTo wit item 13 Approve final replat of Shelton Addition for NDV Land Company LP.pdfTo wit item 16 Approve 2010 Ford Pu as salvage for Pct 1.pdfTo wit item 17 Approve 1991 Mack Tractor and 1992 Trailer as salvage for Pct 1.pdfTo wit item 18 Approve Atmos Energy to cross SE CR 0090 Pct. 2.pdfTo wit item 19 Approve Chatfield Water Supply to cross NE CR 3140 Pct. 2.pdfTo wit item 20 Approve Utility Easement for Community Water Company on SW CR 3010 Pct. 4.pdfTo wit item 21 Approve Purchase Request for Texoma HIDTA with DA Network Services LLC for $97,290.30.pdfTo wit item 22 Approve Purchase Requst for Texoma HIDTS with Sterling Computers Corp for $130,000.48.pdfTo wit item 23 Approve Purchase Request for Texomas HIDTA with Furniture Solutions Now Ltd for $473,529.62.pdfTo wit item 24 Approve to pay bills for Elections without PO.pdfTo wit item 25 Approve to pay bills for Sheriff without PO.pdfTo wit item 26 Approve to pay bills for Pct 1 without PO.pdfTo wit item 27 Approve to pay bills for Pct 3 without PO.pdf