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Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve and Pay Bills.pdfItem 06 Approve Health Service Agreement with Southern Health Partners, for NCSO.pdfItem 07 Approve Cellular Phone Allowance Authorization for Commissioners Office.pdfItem 08 Approve reinstate Burn Ban.pdfItem 10 Approve Tax Report for September 2022 Mike Dowd.pdfItem 11 Approve Proposal from Corsicana Sheet Metal for new HVAC Units for the Jail.pdfItem 12 Approve Resolution on Indigent Defense Grant Program for 2023.pdfItem 13 Approve TAC Risk Management Pool for Auto Liability Physical Damage, General Coverage and Law Enforcement renewal appl.pdfItem 14 Approve 1997 Bitelli Chibli Roller as salvage for Pct 2.pdfItem 15 Approve Sunoco Pipeline LP to cross SE CR 0070 in Pct 2.pdfItem 16 Approve to Pay Bills for NCSO without PO.pdf