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Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve and Pay Bills.pdfItem 06 Approve cellular phone allowance Indigent Coordinator.pdfItem 07 Approve cellular phone allowance 1st Assistant DA.pdfItem 08 Approve cellular phone allowance Planning & Development Environmental Officer.pdfItem 09 Approve cellular phone allowance County Court Coordinator.pdfItem 10 Approve cellular phone allowance Chief Deputy Treasurer.pdfItem 11 Approve Treasurer's Report September 2022.pdfItem 13 Approve Resolution in support of Governor to take action to Stop Chaos on our Border.pdfItem 15 Approve replat of Retreat Ranchettes Phase 2 Lots 5 R1C R1 & 5 R1CR2 for Geraldo Arellano.pdfItem 16 Approve replat of Navarro Heights Addition Lots 4R 1 & 4R2 for Linda Myre.pdfItem 17 Approve final plat of Baron's Acres North for Land Baron LLC.pdfItem 18 Approve Purchase request for Texoma HIDTA with Ford Audio Systems LLC.pdfItem 19 Approve maintenance proposal between 24 Hour LTD and Texoma HIDTA.pdfItem 20 Approve Proof of Loss Statement for 2019 Dodge Carvan.pdfItem 21 Approve 2019 Dodge Carvan as salvage for NSCO.pdfItem 22 Approve electronic equipment as salvage for IT.pdfItem 23 Approve Chatfield Water to cross NE CR 2075 in Pct 1.pdfItem 25 Approve closing 315 feet of SE CR 2220 In Pct. 3.pdfItem 26 Approve to pay bills for Pct 1 without PO.pdfItem 27 Approve to pay bills for Pct 3 Road & Bridge without PO.pdfItem 28 Approve to pay bills for Sheriff Office without PO.pdfItem 29 Approve to pay bills for Pct 4 JP without PO.pdf