Attached Documents
Item 05 Approve and pay bills.pdfItem 06 Approve Treasurer Report for November 2022.pdfItem 08 Approve Tax Collection Report for November by Mike Dowd.pdfItem 09 Approve re plat of Raymond Hays Subdivision for VZMZ Properties LLC.pdfItem 10 Approve re plat of Richland Land Company for Jorge DeLuna.pdfItem 11 Approve re plat of Briarwood Subdivision for Brian Gruver & Eric Chapman.pdfItem 12 Approve renewal contract between NCSO & Texas Towing for Non Consent Towing Service Rotation.pdfItem 13 Approve Community Water Co to cross NW CR 1260 in Pct 1.pdfItem 14 Approve Chatfield Water Co to cross SE CR 4160 and 4180 in Pct 2.pdfItem 15 Approve Utility Easement for Angus Water Co on SW CR 0050 in Pct 3.pdfItem 16 Approve Funeral Home Rotation Requirements.pdfItem 17 Approve authorzation to maintain Texas County and District Retirement System plan and Provisions.pdfItem 18 Approve to pay bills for NCSO without PO.pdfItem 20 Approve contract to purchase property next to Pct 2 barn in Kerens, TX.pdf