Attached Documents
Item 05 Bills submitted by the County Auditor0001.pdfItem 10 Cellular Phone Allowance Authorization for Precinct 4 Commissioner0001.pdfItem13 Approve a re-plat of Bonham Rice2, Lots 19-R1 & R2 for Rodolfo Ortega & Jonathan Ortega0001.pdfItem14 Final Plat of Corsicana Acres, located within the City of Corsicana's extra Territorial Juris, for Logan Chatigny0001.pdfItem15 Approving Appointment of Crystal Richardson to the Lakes Regional Community Center (LRCC)0001.pdfItem16 Approve to move forward on new Grant Works Projects0001.pdfItem17 Approve the new IRS 2023 Standard Mileage Business Rate of $0.655 a miles effective as of January 9, 20230001.pdfItem18 Approve to Pay Bills for County Clerk without Purchase Order on January 9, 20230001.pdf