Attached Documents
Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve and pay bills as submitted by the County Auditor.pdfItem 06 Accepting Minutes from January 5, 2023 Planning and Zoning meeting.pdfItem 07 Approving Budget Transfer of $15,000.00 for Miscellaneious and Hauling overages for PCT.2.pdfItem 09 Approve Proclamation to declare the month of April Child Abuse Prevention Month.pdfItem 10 Approve Tax Collection Report for February 2023.pdfItem 18 Approve NetMotion Subscription Base License agreement for Mobile IQ in the Navarro County Sheriff's Office.pdfItem 20 Approve 1st amendment to 2023 memo of the agreement for prof. services of Texoma HIDTA and Steve Toth, DBA Spartan Tacti.pdfItem 21 Approve Appl. Texoma HIDTA for Federal Assistance SF424 for 2023.pdfItem 22 Approve Award Letter for Fed Assist Texoma HIDTA Grant G23NT0001A $3,540,438.000001.pdfItem 23 Approve Agreement Navarro County and Will Mekatron Jones, DBA Mekatron Media Group LLC.pdfItem 25 Approve Xerox Leasing Agreement for the Sheriff's CID Office.pdfItem 26 Approve Pay bills for Jail wo Purchase Order.pdfItem 27 Approve pay bills wo purchase order for Jail.pdfItem 28 Approve to pay bills for Courthouse wo a PO.pdf