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Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve and pay bills.pdfItem 06 Approve Treasurer Report.pdfItem 09 Approve Greivance Committee.pdfItem 10 Approve Tax Collection Report Mike Dowd.pdfItem 12 Approve Chatfiled Water Supplly cross NECR 0190.pdfItem 13 Approve Agreement for MEN Water Supply to cross SECR 3100.pdfItem 14 Approve Agreement for Community Water to cross Donahoe Rd and Martin Rd.pdfItem 17 Approve replat of Herterf Addition Tract 10 for Oscar Rene Gonzales.pdfItem 19 Approve items for NCSO as surplus.pdfItem 20 Approve Engagement letter for Financial Audit services by Pattillo, Brown & Hill LLP for 2022.pdfItem 21 Approve subscription renewal with DebtBook software for Auditor.pdfItem 22 Approve to pay bills for Courthouse without PO.pdfItem 23 Approve to pay bills for Pct 3 without PO.pdfItem 24 Approve to pay bills for Jail without PO.pdfItem 25 Approve to pay bills for NCSO without PO.pdf