Attached Documents
Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve and Pay Bills.pdfItem 06 Approve Treasurer's Report for August 2023.pdfItem 07 Approve Renewal Application with i3 Verticals LLC (Net Data Co).pdfItem 08 Approve Cerificate of Completion for Eddie Moore.pdfItem 09 Approve Cerificate of Completion for David Brewer.pdfItem 10 Approve budget transfer of $17000 from Contractor Bridge Repair to Repair & Maintenance for Pct. 3.pdfItem 13 Approve County Clerk Archive Plan for 2023-2024.pdfItem 16 Approve Adoption of the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Budget.pdfItem 17 Approve Order Adopting the Tax Rate for 2023.pdfItem 19 Approve Order Appointment for Election Judges and Alternates for September 1, 2023 to September 1, 2024.pdfItem 21 Approve declaring the NCSO Unit 2691 and equipment as salvage.pdfItem 22 Approve declaring 12 VixVox inmate visitation monitors as salvage from Jail.pdfItem 23 Approve 4 chairs and 1 printer desk as salvage from JP 3.pdfItem 24 Approve Resolution with Tx Dot for Replacement Bridge on NW CR 4340 at Frost Branch.pdfItem 25 Approve an amendment to the Jury Management Agreement with Tyler Technologies for Court System.pdfItem 27 Approve Xerox Lease Agreement for AG Extension Office.pdfItem 28 Approve to pay bills for AG Extension Office without PO.pdfItem 29 Approve to pay bills for Courthouse without PO.pdfItem 30 Approve to pay bills for PCT 2 Road and Bridge without PO.pdf