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Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve Pay Bills Jail by the County Auditor.pdfItem 12 Approve Budget Transfer 19k from Hauling to Repairs.pdfItem 15 Approve Texas Department of Agriculture Texans Feeding Texans.pdfItem 16 Approve Texas Department of Agriculture Delivered Meal Grant.pdfItem 17 Approve Resolution Navarro County and No Central Housing Finance Corp.pdfItem 18 Approve Tax Collection report Augst 2023.pdfItem 19 Approve final Plat Barrons Creek.pdfItem 20 Approve final Plat Delgado Estates Phase 1.pdfItem 21 Approve replat James B Bonham Sub Lots 53R1 and 53R2.pdfItem 22 Declaring L shaped desk salvage.pdfItem 23 Declare 3 chairs and 1 computer table salvage.pdfItem 25 Approve Utility Easement.pdfItem 26 Approve Health Service Agree South Health.pdfItem 27 Approve Engage Letter for OPEB valuation and GASB 75 valuation.pdfItem 30 Approve Pay Bills NCSO no purchase order.pdfItem 31 Approve Pay Bills Jail no purchase order.pdf