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Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve and Pay bills.pdfItem 06 Approve Treasurer's Report Aug 2023.pdfItem 07 Approve Order Salary Auditor.pdfItem 08 Approve Phone Allow Deputy Constable.pdfItem 09 Approve Workers' Comp Renewal TAC Risk Mgmt.pdfItem 15 Approve JP 1 Salvage.pdfItem 16 Approve PCT. 3 Salvage.pdfItem 17 Approve Agreement NCT911 and Navarro County.pdfItem 18 Approve Agreement NCT Local Add and GIS.pdfItem 19 Approve Everbridge Renewal Contract.pdfItem 20 Approve Memo Agree Texoma HEDTA and John Wells DBA Hickory Springs.pdfItem 21 Approve Final plat Camila Estates.pdfItem 22 Approve replat Gillen Estates Ranchitoes.pdfItem 23 Approve replat of Rice Ranch Phase 2.pdfItem 25 Approve pay bills without PO PCT 3.pdf