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Item 05 Approve and Pay bills.pdfItem 06 Approve Minutes Plan Zoning July 6 2023.pdfItem 07 Approve Minutes Plan Zoning Sept 7 2023.pdfItem 12 Approve Pone Allowance B.pdfItem 14 Approve Tax Collection Report Sept 2023.pdfItem 15 Approve Interlocal Agree Coop Purchase PCA.pdfItem 16 Accept Navarro Resolution Indigent Defense Grant.pdfItem 17 Approve New Elevator for Jail.pdfItem 18 Approve Special Road Use Bond 100K.pdfItem 19 Approve Community Water to Cross NW CR 0090.pdfItem 20 Approve Community Water cross Ingham Rd.pdfItem 21 Approve MEN Water Supply cross SE CR 2140 2170 2175 1098.pdfItem 22 Approve Community Water cross SW CR 1150.pdfItem 24 Approve County Holidays for 2024.pdfItem 25 Approve Xerox Agreement County Judge.pdf