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Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve and Pay Bills.pdfItem 07 Approve renewal contracts NCSO for the Non Consent Towing Service.pdfItem 08 Approve Cellular Phone Allownce authorization Marcos Ortiz.pdfItem 11 Presentation from OnMed.pdfItem 14 Approve October 2023 Tax report from Mike Dowd.pdfItem 15 Approve to accept refund in the amount of $12,486.37 from Tax AC.pdfItem 17 Approve Interlocal Agreement between Harris Co Department of Education.pdfItem 18 Approve engagement letter for Financial Audit by Pattillo, Brown, & Hill,LLP for 2023 CSCD.pdfItem 19 Approve TAC Cybersecurity Compliance Training for 2024.pdfItem 20 Approve revised Business Service Order with Vyve.pdfItem 21 Approve declaring IT equiipment as salvage.pdfItem 22 Approve Chatfiled Water Supply to cross SE CE 4200in Pct 2.pdfItem 23 Approve Resolution and Financial Agreement with Government Capital and Pct. 2 for Backhoe.pdfItem 25 Approve Utility Easement for Navarro County Co Op on NW CR 4450 PCT 4.pdfItem 26 Approve to pay bills for Courthouse without PO.pdfItem 27 Approve to pay bills for NCSO without PO.pdfItem 28 Approve to pay bills for DA's without PO.pdfItem 29 Approve to pay bills for CSCD without PO.pdfItem 30 Approve to pay bills for HIDTA without PO.pdfItem 31 Approve to pay bills for JP 3 without PO.pdfItem 32 Approve to pay bills for PCT 3 without PO.pdfItem 33 Approve to pay bills for Election without PO.pdfItem 37 Approve the number of votes for Navarro Central Appraisal District.pdf