Attached Documents
Item 05 Approve and pay bills.pdfItem 08 Approve Tax Collection report for November 2023.pdfItem 09 Approve aaccepting payment in lieu of taxes from the Cty of Kerens.pdfItem 10 Approve Interlocal Agreement for the Regional Defender for Capital Cases program.pdfItem 11 Approve Auditor to go out for bids ARPA Grant Works projects Road and Bridge Materials.pdfItem 12 Approve Chatfield Water Supply to cross SE CR 3310 in Pct 2.pdfItem 13 Approve Community Water to cross SW CR 3090 in Pct 4.pdfItem 14 Approve Special Road Use Permit Application for Yellow Cat Wind LLC in Pct 4.pdfItem 15 Approve Interlocal Agreement between the Town of Oak Valley for the purchase and donation of an Asphalt Zipper.pdfItem 16 Approve to pay bills for Jail without PO.pdfItem 17 Approve to pay bills for NCSO without PO.pdfItem 18 Approve to pay bills for DA without PO.pdfItem 19 Approve to pay bills for Courthouse without PO.pdfItem 20 Approve to pay bills for Courthouse Travis Dempsey without PO.pdfItem 26 Approve Dispatch Agreement for VFDS pending legal approval.pdf