Attached Documents
Item 05 Approved and pay billls.pdfItem 06 Approved Treasurer's Report for April 2024.pdfItem 07 Approved budget transfer of $10,000 from Courthouse to Reinvestment Tax Credit.pdfItem 08 Approved General Certificate for North Central Texas Housing Finance Corp.pdfItem 10 Approved PO request for Constables with Reconyx Inc. for cameras.pdfItem 11 Approved Gaia Solar LLC to cross NE CR 3010 NE CR 3040 and NE CR 3016 in Pct 2.pdfItem 12 Approved Special Road Use Bond for Armadillo Solar center LLC in Pct 3.pdfItem 13 Approved replat of Plantation Phase 1 Lot 45 for Rodolfo and Maria Lopez.pdfItem 15 Approved a final plat of Vila Farms II for Singing Properties.pdfItem 16 Approved replat of Goins Subdivision Lot 6 for Robin Ratliff.pdfItem 17 Approved Modifiction 9 to Grant G23NT0001A for Texoma HIDTA.pdfItem 18 Approved to pay 2 invoices for K and S Tire without PO for NCSO.pdfItem 19 Approved to pay 1 invoices for Documents Solutiions without PO for District Attorneys Office.pdfItem 20 Approved to pay 1 invoices for Warren Tire without PO for Pct 2.pdfItem 21 Approved to pay 1 invoices for McKee Lumber without PO for Pct 2.pdfItem 22 Approved to pay 1 invoices for Smith General Store without PO for Extension Office.pdfItem 24 Approved Contract Navarro County Ambulatory Care Association dba Kent Rogers Clinic for the Provision of Indigent Health.pdf