Attached Documents
Item 05 Approve and Pay Bills.pdfItem 06 Approve Budget Transfer.pdfItem 07 Approve Budget Transfer for Deputy Constable.pdfItem 09 Approve Tax Report for May 2024 by Mike Dowd.pdfItem 11 Approve rate of pay for Deputies for delivery of Election equipment.pdfItem 12 Approve Agrement between Logix and Texoma HDTA.pdfItem 13 Approve Resolution adopting Hazard Mitigation Action Plan.pdfItem 15 Approve Navarro Mills Water Supply Co to cross NW CR 3115 in Pct 4.pdfItem 16 Approve Community Water Co to cross SW CR 1160 in Pct 4.pdfItem 17 Approve to pay 8 invoices for UHaul without PO for Elections.pdfItem 18 Approve to pay 1 invoice for ES & S without PO for Elections.pdfItem 19 Approve to pay 1 invoice for John Paul Plemons without PO for Pct 3.pdf