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Item 04 Public Comments.pdfItem 05 Approve and pay Bills.pdfItem 06 Treasurers Report May 2024.pdfItem 07 Approve Minutes from May 2024 Planning and Zoning meeting.pdfItem 08 Approve replat of Imperial Bay lots 9 R.pdfItem 09 Approve replat of Triangle Shores lot 12 R.pdfItem 10 Approve Budget transfer of funs for Capital Improvements for NCSO.pdfItem 12 Texas Historical Commission honors the Navarro County Historical Commission with a Distinguished Service Award for 2023.pdfItem 13 Accept Emergency Service District 1 Financial Statement for fiscal year 2023.pdfItem 14 Approve Maintenance Agreement with Vista Com for the NCSO.pdfItem 17 Approve 15 percent Healthcare Dependent Rate funding increase selection.pdfItem 18 Approve 100 percent employer paid premium for retiree healthcare coverage beginning with FY 2025.pdfItem 19 Approve to pay invoice for kp graphics without Purchase order for District Court.pdfItem 20 Approve to pay invoice for Government Forms without Purchase Order for District Clerk.pdfItem 21 Approve and pay invoice for Moir Watershed Services without Purchase Order for Flood Control.pdf